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Coral Bay

Exquisite CG artwork coupled with properly planned 3D animations, VMW Group was able to provide GSH with the best marketing collaterals prior and during the launch of Coral Bay in Sabah, Malaysia. 

Custom website design

Intuitive and unique custom webpage with 360 IPM visuals. Designed and built by blanct.

Marketing video

Creatively led and planned by Visualmediaworks. Post production by Attic Films in which elements such as animated supers, color grading and editing were done. This video exhibits the breathtaking views of Coral Bay in Sabah Malaysia.

The Attic Films team travelled out to Sabah to scout for locations as well as to shoot footage for this marketing video. Live footage consisting of surrounding amenities and actual talents were combined with animated CG content from Visualmediaworks.

Interactive media

Bespoke design touch screen interactive media for visitors and sales consultants to use at Coral Bay's showsuite. The creative team at blanct designed, programmed and also came up with the hardware specifications.


The Locale.