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Park Colonial

A residential development by CEL Development, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings.

VMW Group developed and produced extensive marketing collaterals for Park Colonial's launch in June 2018.

Marketing video

Combined effort between Attic Films and Visualmediaworks to market the standout features of Park Colonial's landscape and amenities.

3D animation and camera paths are set by Visualmediaworks.

Post production by Attic Films, adding in additional sound and video effects as well as color grading to match different scenes.

Custom website design

Swift and unique webpage designed and programmed by blanct for multiple platforms inclusive of desktop and mobile browsers.

Custom website designed with easy navigation and retrieval of information on Park Colonial for all visitors and potential clients in mind. 

Custom iPad Application

Exclusive and offline only for the developer and other relevant parties.

Connected to a larger screen via AirPlay at the showsuite for visitors as well as consultants to easily access information.

CG Artwork

The Locale.